Dementia Friends

Building Dementia Friendly Communities…One Friend at a time

A Dementia Friend learns more about dementia and what they can do to help make our province a more accessible and inclusive place for those affected by it.

The Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan’s mission is to alleviate the personal and social consequences of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.

Friends help us make this mission a reality by learning more about dementia and, in turn, using their knowledge to reduce stigma and make our communities more accessible and inclusive for people affected by it.

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By becoming a Dementia Friend, you will learn more about dementia and how it affects individuals, families, and communities. Friends also become better informed about how their own communities can strive to be more dementia friendly and better support those in their midst that are affected by it.


Friends can help to combat the stigma often associated with dementia by sharing their own stories. Whether you choose to share on Facebook, Twitter, or while sitting across the table and having coffee with friends, you can help make our communities more dementia friendly by sharing why dementia matters to you.


The Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan will provide tips and information about how Friends can get involved, but you can also make an impact by encouraging others to get informed and become Friends too. Together we can build a dementia friendly Saskatchewan, one Friend at a time.